Install on macOS

How to install Flameshot on macOS.

🔗 Installation on macOS (OSXI)

You can install Flameshot on macOS using the either of the following:

  • MacPorts: sudo port selfupdate && sudo port install flameshot
  • Homebrew: brew install --cask flameshot
  • Download DMG file:
    1. Navigate to the release page on Github
    2. From the assets of the latest stable release, download the latest DMG file
    3. Double-click on the DMG file you downloaded
    4. Drag and drop the to your /Applications folder
    5. macOS restricts applications from accessing the screen. Therefore you have to give Flameshot security permissions to "record" your desktop. A picture of the macOS Security & Privacy settings that shows the Flameshot should be added to the list in the "privacy" tab