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In this page you can find possible solutions for issues on Windows. This page probably needs frequent update, so if something was outdate, please report it here.

🔗 Keyboard shortcuts

🔗 How to disable Windows Snipping tool when I press PrintScreen

As kindly explained by one of our users, you can disable the built-in snipping tool by going to Windows Settings -> Ease of Access -> Keyboard -> Scroll down to "Print Screen Shortcut" and turn off the "Use the Prtscn button to open screen snipping":

Windows settings screenshot

As some of our users have reported, this does not always solve the issue. because Windows being Windows, it seems you sometimes have to take an extra step to fix this (as reported by archadallas). This has been explained in an article in If this solved your issue, please up-vote this.

🔗 Setting up custom shortcut to start Flameshot

Windows is pretty limitted, but there is a way to make windows to run a software based on a keybinding. To do this, you have to:

  1. create a shortcut file (right-click on Desktop > New > Shortcut)
  2. in the "Target" field, add the software you want to run with keybinding (in this case the path to the flameshot.exe)
  3. in the "Shortcut key" field, type the keybinding you want (e.g Ctrl + Alt + p)

For a more detailed instruction, visit this article from the Digital Citizen.

🔗 CommandLine Interface

For the time being, the Commandline Interface (CLI) is not implemented for Windows. you can follow the progress in the dedicated feature request.