Wayland Help

Troubleshooting Flameshot on Wayland

In this page you can find possible solutions for issues on Wayland. This page probably needs frequent update, so if something was outdate, please report it here.


I am asked to "Share" my screen every time

If you are a Gnome 41 (or later) user, know that you are not alone in this as many have brought up this issue (example). This is NOT a Flameshot bug nor it was our decision. This is something that Gnome developers unilaterally and suddenly implemented and this is affecting ALL screenshot tools other than the Gnome default screenshot tool (they have white-listed their own software). For more information please read the following:

Therefore please do not waste your time complaining to Flameshot developers as we cannot do anything about it. If you want this issue to change, please take your complaints to here and here. Thank you!


4k displayed and fractional scaling

It has been reported that setting the environmental variable QT_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTORS to 1;1 can solve the issue. You can do the following every time your computer boots:


and then you can normally use Flameshot (e.g flameshot gui)