Command Line Options

Flameshot commandline options.

🔗 Usage

You can always use --help for all commands or subcommands of Flameshot.

#     ___ command  ____ Argument
#     |            |
# ,---^---,     ,--^--,
  flameshot gui --help
#           'v'
#            |
#            -- Subcommand

Example commands:

  • capture with GUI:

    flameshot gui
  • capture with GUI with custom save path:

    flameshot gui --path ~/myStuff/captures
  • open GUI with a delay of 2 seconds:

    flameshot gui --delay 2000
  • fullscreen capture (asking savepath):

    flameshot full
  • fullscreen capture with custom save path (no GUI) and delayed:

    flameshot full --path ~/myStuff/captures --delay 5000
  • fullscreen capture with custom save path copying to clipboard:

    flameshot full --clipboard --path ~/myStuff/captures

In case of doubt choose the first or the second command as shortcut in your favorite desktop environment.

A systray icon will be in your system's panel while Flameshot is running. Do a right click on the tray icon and you'll see some menu items to open the configuration window and the information window. Check out the information window to see all the available shortcuts in the graphical capture mode.

🔗 Final Actions

In Flameshot (version 11.0.0 or later) we now have the concept of "final actions". These are things you would like to do after you have done with annotating your screenshot. The final actions are:

  • --path <path>: Where the screenshot should be stored (can be path to the folder or the file)
  • --clipboard: Whether the screenshot should be copied to the clipboard
  • --raw: Send the screenshot to stdout
  • --upload: Upload the screenshot
  • --pin: Pin the screenshot
  • --print-geometry: Write the position and dimension of the screenshot to stdout

The benefit of having the concept of Final Actions is that you can use more than one of them at the same time. For instance you can pin, copy to clipboard, save to a file, and get the geometry of the screenshot using this:

flameshot gui --pin --clipboard --path "~/Pictures" --print-geometry

These Final Actions can be used with --accept-on-select to immediately capture the selected area immediately after the mouse release.

Note that when you provide one or more Final Actions, the "Copy" , "Save" , "Image Upload" , and "Pin Tool" buttons will be removed from the buttons in flameshot gui and instead you will see a "Accept" button.

🔗 CLI configuration

You can use the graphical menu to configure Flameshot, but alternatively you can use your terminal or scripts to do so.

  • open the configuration menu:

    flameshot config
  • show the initial help message in the capture mode:

    flameshot config --showhelp true
  • to check mistakes and issues in the configuration file:

    flameshot config --check
  • for more information about the available options use the help flag:

    flameshot config --help