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Class TextConfig#

ClassList > TextConfig

Inherits the following classes: QWidget

Public Functions#

Type Name
TextConfig (QWidget * parent=nullptr)
void setFontFamily (const QString & fontFamily)
void setItalic (bool italic)
void setStrikeOut (bool strikeout)
void setTextAlignment (Qt::AlignmentFlag alignment)
void setUnderline (bool underline)
void setWeight (int weight)

Public Functions Documentation#

function TextConfig#

explicit TextConfig::TextConfig (
    QWidget * parent=nullptr

function setFontFamily#

void TextConfig::setFontFamily (
    const QString & fontFamily

function setItalic#

void TextConfig::setItalic (
    bool italic

function setStrikeOut#

void TextConfig::setStrikeOut (
    bool strikeout

function setTextAlignment#

void TextConfig::setTextAlignment (
    Qt::AlignmentFlag alignment

function setUnderline#

void TextConfig::setUnderline (
    bool underline

function setWeight#

void TextConfig::setWeight (
    int weight