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Class RectangleTool#

ClassList > RectangleTool

Inherits the following classes: AbstractTwoPointTool

Public Functions#

Type Name
RectangleTool (QObject * parent=nullptr)
CaptureTool * copy (QObject * parent=nullptr) override
QString description () override const
QIcon icon (const QColor & background, bool inEditor) override const
QString name () override const
void process (QPainter & painter, const QPixmap & pixmap) override

Public Functions inherited from AbstractTwoPointTool#

See AbstractTwoPointTool

Type Name
AbstractTwoPointTool (QObject * parent=nullptr)
QRect boundingRect () override const
bool closeOnButtonPressed () override const
const QColor & color ()
bool isSelectable () override const
bool isValid () override const
QRect mousePreviewRect (const CaptureContext & context) override const
void move (const QPoint & pos) override
void paintMousePreview (QPainter & painter, const CaptureContext & context) override
const QPair< QPoint, QPoint > points () const
const QPoint * pos () override
bool showMousePreview () override const
int size () override const

Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractTwoPointTool#

See AbstractTwoPointTool

Type Name
bool m_supportsDiagonalAdj = = false
bool m_supportsOrthogonalAdj = = false

Protected Functions#

Type Name
CaptureTool::Type type () override const

Protected Functions inherited from AbstractTwoPointTool#

See AbstractTwoPointTool

Type Name
void copyParams (const AbstractTwoPointTool * from, AbstractTwoPointTool * to)
void setPadding (int padding)

Public Functions Documentation#

function RectangleTool#

explicit RectangleTool::RectangleTool (
    QObject * parent=nullptr

function copy#

CaptureTool * RectangleTool::copy (
    QObject * parent=nullptr
) override

function description#

QString RectangleTool::description () override const

function icon#

QIcon RectangleTool::icon (
    const QColor & background,
    bool inEditor
) override const

function name#

QString RectangleTool::name () override const

function process#

void RectangleTool::process (
    QPainter & painter,
    const QPixmap & pixmap
) override

Protected Functions Documentation#

function type#

CaptureTool::Type RectangleTool::type () override const