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Class AbstractLogger#

ClassList > AbstractLogger

A class that allows you to log events to where they need to go.

  • #include <abstractlogger.h>

Public Types#

Type Name
enum Channel
enum Target

Public Functions#

Type Name
AbstractLogger (Channel channel=Info, int targets=Default)
AbstractLogger (QString & str, Channel channel, int additionalTargets=String)
Construct an AbstractLogger with output to a string.
AbstractLogger & addOutputString (QString & str)
AbstractLogger & attachNotificationPath (const QString & path)
Attach a path to a notification so it can be dragged and dropped.
AbstractLogger & enableMessageHeader (bool enable)
Enable/disable message header (e.g. "flameshot: info:").
AbstractLogger & operator<< (const QString & msg)
Send a message to the default channel of this logger.
AbstractLogger & sendMessage (const QString & msg, Channel channel)
~AbstractLogger ()

Public Static Functions#

Type Name
AbstractLogger error (int targets=Default)
AbstractLogger info (int targets=Default)
AbstractLogger warning (int targets=Default)

Public Types Documentation#

enum Channel#

enum AbstractLogger::Channel {

enum Target#

enum AbstractLogger::Target {
    Notification = 0x01,
    Stderr = 0x02,
    LogFile = 0x08,
    String = 0x10,
    Stdout = 0x20,
    Default = Notification | LogFile | Stderr

Public Functions Documentation#

function AbstractLogger [1/2]#

AbstractLogger::AbstractLogger (
    Channel channel=Info,
    int targets=Default

function AbstractLogger [2/2]#

Construct an AbstractLogger with output to a string.

AbstractLogger::AbstractLogger (
    QString & str,
    Channel channel,
    int additionalTargets=String


  • additionalChannels Optional additional targets to output to.

function addOutputString#

AbstractLogger & AbstractLogger::addOutputString (
    QString & str

function attachNotificationPath#

AbstractLogger & AbstractLogger::attachNotificationPath (
    const QString & path

function enableMessageHeader#

AbstractLogger & AbstractLogger::enableMessageHeader (
    bool enable

function operator<<#

Send a message to the default channel of this logger.

AbstractLogger & AbstractLogger::operator<< (
    const QString & msg


  • msg


function sendMessage#

AbstractLogger & AbstractLogger::sendMessage (
    const QString & msg,
    Channel channel

function ~AbstractLogger#

AbstractLogger::~AbstractLogger () 

Public Static Functions Documentation#

function error#

static AbstractLogger AbstractLogger::error (
    int targets=Default

function info#

static AbstractLogger AbstractLogger::info (
    int targets=Default

function warning#

static AbstractLogger AbstractLogger::warning (
    int targets=Default