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In System tray area, flameshot appears duplicate icons/indicator

  • It is currently found in Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 Unity environment, such problems occur. This problem does not occur with Ubuntu 17.10 Unity. #92

In Gnome the flameshot icon does not appear in the tray

  • Gnome does not have a systray, therefore in Gnome you should install the gnome Tray icons extension. For more information, read the Tary icon section of the github repository.

In tiling window managers (e.g i3wm, dwm, bspwm) flameshot crashes when taking the screenshot

  • most tiling window managers dows not come with a nitification daemon, and Flameshot communicates with user through notifications. This means that Flameshot is dependent on notification manager to be installed and running. Easy way to test if you have a notification manager is to try notify-send "test" in your terminal. If you see the notification, you have it, otherwise we suggest you to install a notification manager such as dunst: