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Flameshot freezes after capturing an image

By default Flameshot requires a notification manager. Notifications are sent to the notification manager via d-bus. If either d-bus or the notification manager is not properly configured, Flameshot will freeze for 30 seconds.

Fix 1: Install a notification manager

Fix 2: Manually edit the config file at ~/.config/flameshot/flameshot.ini and add the following line: showDesktopNotification=false

Flameshot doesn't start / no tray icon

When Flameshot is started with a system launcher or from the CLI it starts a daemon in the background. To interact with this daemon through a graphical client your desktop environment must support a system tray. See the README for tips on setting up a system tray.

This sometimes causes pain for Arch users running Gnome, because the system tray extension becomes out of sync with gnome upon a new gnome release. Please do not report this as a bug in Flameshot. We are reliant on a system tray and have no intention to change this.

On MacOs Flameshot only captures a blank desktop

When running Flameshot on MacOs, you must grant it permission to screen record.

With fractional scaling my screen appears shifted

There is a known issue in Qt related to fractional scaling and full screen applications. We are hoping this is resolved in Qt6. See this post for more details.